200-Hour Power Vinyasa Teacher Training Program with Janet Lau in 2015

200-Hour Power Vinyasa Teacher Training Program with Janet Lau in 2015

The Teacher who is a Student – 200-hour Power Vinyasa Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program

A teacher is someone who can instruct. A good teacher is someone who is truly present to his students.  A great teacher is someone who lives his yoga, recognizes his unique qualities and yet is humble enough  to open himself to the unknown.

 This 200-hour teacher training is a one-of-a-kind program for those who do not just want to teach, but those who want to walk their spiritual path, be able to have a transformation within themselves, both  in and out, so that they can share the transformative experience with others. Using the essence of  Mindfulness teachings, woven into the yogic teachings and our everyday life. This is a training where we  learn to be a humble and receptive student of our own, so that we can share authentically as a teacher.

This training will give you a set of foundational tools that prepares you to stand in front of your students  and lead power vinyasa classes. It can also serve as a course for students who want to deepen their understanding of the yogic knowledge. The two modules have been broken down in order to suit your work schedule, so you can continue to pursue your passion and yet have an minimal effect on your daily  routine.

* The term he or his, in the text below refers to both genders (him/her or he/she).

Module 1 The Hardware 100 hours– The Technical Stuff

July 14th – 25th 2015 (Off on July 19th)

We focus more on the hardware of a teacher: sequencing, adjustments, teaching techniques, and anatomy.  You learn about different bone structures and how that affects the approach of the asana practice. You learn, how to effectively read bodies in order to find the right adjustments for different students, the effect and reasons for different kinds of sequencing, the energetic effects of different asana groups and various kinds of adjustments (hands-on, verbal, energy etc). And finally, the asana  techniques that make you a well-rounded and versatile teacher.


Module 2 The Software 100 hours– Healing our Hearts
Aug 4th – 15th 2015 (Off on Aug 9th)

Techniques themselves do not make a teacher a good teacher. Those teachers who touch our heart deeply are those who have internalised their yoga practice. In this module, we focus on the Yoga Philosophies, Mindfulness practices, applying the yogic philosophies into our daily lives and in our Meditation practices. This is a journey for you to have a deep understanding of yourself. In order to heal others, we first need to heal ourselves, only then will we have the power to share our teachings authentically.

*Students have the option of taking either “Module 1″ or “Module 2″


*Full participation of the training is required in order to obtain the Yoga Alliance Certification. However, if one is not able to complete the full training for unavoidable reasons, a maximum of 5% of total contact time (9 hours) can be made up by attending Janet’s group classes outside of regular training hours.

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  1. Stephanie

    Hi there,
    I’d like to check your 200HPV teacher training program. Is the info session in 28/1? I’d like to enrol.


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